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I am Iris Zhang, founder of Rainbow Rocks. I used to work in a diamond jewellers in Hatton Garden; now, I am a mother to two children and a business owner. In early 2020, I launched my jewellery store on Etsy and now I have this website; the vision is growing, and my lifelong desire to be an entrepreneur is flourishing. You see, I used to watch my parents working hard to build a business when I was a child. I wanted to be just like them.

And here I am the founder of my own jewellery business.

The name Rainbow Rocks has special meaning to me and my family. My three-year-old daughter is obsessed with rainbows. One day in early 2020, when lockdown was starting to feel hard, my daughter presented me with her “present”, which was the most beautiful picture of a rainbow. I smiled.  

It seemed such a perfect image. Fine gems are filled with a rainbow of colours when you look at their core. Receiving the gift of well-crafted jewels cannot help but make you smile.

There is magic in a rainbow, as there is in some of the finest pieces of jewellery. There is the famous quotation: the rainbow is the sunshine after the rain, the calm after the storm – and so the joy after sadness, peace after pain and love after loss. What a perfect image for our times and for a business that seeks to shine light into people’s lives with beauty.

Rainbow Rocks was born.

Why jewellery? Well, it is a lifelong passion. I have always been fascinated by the sparkles in jewellery. Pieces come into our lives and mark a special time. I loved colourful gemstones most of all, as they seemed to be imbued with a presence that brought me happiness.

When I was younger, I would bargain shop in Primark. Now, I know cheap jewellery never carries the same power to become part of our story. You wear them a few times and then cast them aside. I realised that the power lay in the gems themselves and so I started my semi-precious, semi-fine jewellery.

I chose “semi” for a reason. When I worked in Hatton Garden with the finest diamond jewellery, there were only a few who could afford to own those pieces. It didn’t feel right that something so beautiful should be so exclusive. So, the vision for Rainbow Rocks is to provide the highest quality gems that are affordable enough for most people to enjoy.

At Rainbow Rocks we will always believe that every woman should be able to afford her own little piece of high-quality gemstone jewellery. By keeping our margins small and our costs low, we will always pass the savings to our customers.

I would love you to join me on this journey. I would love you to find that piece that makes you smile and marks this moment in your life. We are committed to hand selected jewellery and a personal service. So please, come say hello and tell me what jewellery will bring some joy, peace and light to your world. 



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