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Why We Love Opals, and We Think You Should Too!

opal jewellery

You may have noticed that here at Rainbow Rocks, we have plenty of jewellery pieces that come with opals in them. This is for one simple reason; we love opals. But why do we love opals? What makes them so special to us?  

All about Opals 

Opals are the birthstone of October. This means that those who have an October birthday can look forward to receiving opals for their birthday. However, of course, you don’t have to have an October birthday to enjoy the opal. Especially when it just so beautiful to own.  

Opal is what is known as a mineraloid formed by gradual heating over some time, naturally, of silica gel that can be found in the cracks of rocks.  

Once, opals were incredibly rare; however, they are more common in modern times. This doesn’t take away any of their beautiful and still makes them an excellent gem choice.  

Every gemstone has a meaning; for opals, loyalty, purity, hope, confidence and faithfulness. If you wear opals, you will be improving your visualisation, both in your eyesight and in your brain, too, with your imagination.  

Why we love them!  

There are so many reasons to love opals. One of the main reasons is that they are simply beautiful. Opals are the rainbow rock in its most stunning form. They are a mixture of colours, all in one stone, which means that they can bring a special touch to any piece of jewellery that you own.  

Opals look particularly great when the light hits them, as it will bounce off of the spectrum of colours in the gemstone and bring them all to life.  

There is also a real sense of uniqueness when it comes to opals. Because they are a mixture of colours in one stone, no two opals are the same. This means that you can treasure it as your own.  

You also can buy opals for cheaper than you may realise. However, whilst they may be at a lower cost than other gemstones out there, this doesn’t take away from how beautiful they are. They are stunning, and they are just as impressive as other gemstones, but they are there at a fraction of the price you may pay for other stones.  

It is no surprise that we really love opals, considering that we are big fans of colours here at Rainbow Rocks. Why not check out our range of gemstone jewellery?  

It doesn’t matter if you are buying for yourself as a treat, for someone special to treasure or as a birthday gift. Opals could be the perfect choice for you. No matter what you are looking for, no matter who you are buying for, here are Rainbow Rocks; we are sure to have the right piece for you.  



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